Gravy and Grace sells home goods with heart, with a focus on items for your kitchen, family room, bedroom and more that simplify your life. As a busy mompreneur, I am especially committed to making life easier for parents with our new line of amazing goods known as Kiddo Hacks. My daughter, Amina, has years of experience in product research and quality control. ;) We love to blend fun with function.

The concept behind Gravy and Grace was born in 2011 during a conversation I had with one of my closest friends. We were discussing how incredibly tough life can get. I commented that even during the most difficult of times, it's important to remember that thanks to grace, we are still here which means we have a little more time to be better than we were yesterday. "We have grace," I said, adding, "and everything else beyond that is gravy."

The idea - and the alliteration - stuck in my head. I purchased that same day, although I wasn't sure what would ever come of it. I was even approached by people who wanted to buy the domain from me, but I couldn't part with it. I knew it was meant to be something great.

I have always had a passion for cooking, home goods, decor and helping people, particularly in the area of food security. In 2015, I realized there was a way that I could bring all of these loves together and what you see here today is the result.

At Gravy and Grace, we're driven by a simple approach to life, love and business:

"Kindness is never wasted."

Each and every time you purchase something you love from our store, we will make a donation to help someone else get the food they need. We are also growing our team and creating jobs. One of my ultimate goals is to provide a way for parents to earn money while still putting their families first.

It's that simple.

Want to know more about us, how we help and how you can too? Reach out to us anytime.


Nicci Morris