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G+G In The Kitchen - Simple Vegan Brownies

I'm pretty sure we're all in agreement with the scientific fact that you can't have a bake sale without brownies. But did you know you can make brownies without eggs or dairy? Well, it's possible and it's also easy with this recipe. (Click here to watch this and other video recipes on our Facebook page.) Adjust the oil to get a batter that is shiny and moist so you don't end up with results that are too dry. These are perfect for bake sales since so many little ones are sensitive or allergic to milk and eggs. You can also try out different flours such as coconut or almond to make them gluten-free. Just experiment with the ratios (things vary...

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G+G In The Kitchen: Creamy Avocado Carbonara

As we (finally) move into days with a little more sun and warmth, it's common to crave dishes that are a bit lighter and fresher. This Creamy Avocado Carbonara (click here to watch it all come together) fits the bill. The pasta makes it filling and while the sauce is flavorful without being too heavy on your palate. It's light enough for lunch but hearty enough for dinner which makes it perfect for spring eats. It would also be a great side dish to have a gathering since it is delicious served warm or cold. Creamy Avocado Carbonara1 medium sized ripe Avocado, pitted Zest from half a lemon Segmented lemon (or just the juice of 1 lemon) 3 garlic cloves...

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