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Take Heart In Your Home

Memories of my first apartment still hit - and humble - me at times.

When I think about it, it's as if it were yesterday that I stepped onto the heart-shaped jute welcome mat I loved and turned the key in that glossy wood door. It was in a sketchy part of town and each time I came home from work around 1:00 am, I had to say a little prayer that I'd find a decent parking spot on the street.

But the moment I entered my cozy little one-bedroom apartment, all was right with the world. I didn't have much, but the space was clean, organized and filled with fun and practical things I loved. Throw pillows, candles, lamps, wood carvings, wall art and a host of other inexpensive items I found while thrift and bargain shopping allowed me to carve out about 600 square feet of bliss.

My goal is to help you have the same feeling as you make your home - regardless of square footage or location - a cozy, warm retreat from the rest of the world. I believe it should be a space where you create, rest, repair, relax and love with the most freedom possible.

With this in mind, I continually source beautiful and practical products I'm crazy about and that I believe you will love too. There will never be a product in the G+G collections that is merely a "meh". If I wouldn't buy it for myself or for someone I love, it will never make the cut. That is my promise to you.

We've all heard "home is where the heart is". I believe this from the deepest part of who I am. Building a business that helps people create spaces they absolutely love while helping others who are in need is a manifestation of this.

It is my absolute joy and a true labor of love to be able to share in this process with you. I am honored each time you choose to shop on G+G because I know the heart of the brand and the desire to help others is the real tie that binds.

You have many stores to choose from. I thank you for your decision to allow us into your homes and to take this journey with us.